This is the last straw, I am quitting today.”

I was in Newport Beach at a PIMCO-sponsored event where I presented on what led to the great financial crisis. My book Bailout Nation had been out for a while, and I was still doing the circuit. I was signing copies, when I noticed a guy hanging back waiting for the crowd to dissipate.

Once we were alone, he approached me to ask, “Do you work with _____ at _____?” At the time I was running the firm’s proprietary quant tool that combined technicals and fundamentals.

Yes, he’s one of the firm’s 2 partners but works on the brokerage side. I work on the research and RIA side; we don’t have a lot of interaction. Why do you ask?”

He tells me, “I’m a surgeon, my brother is a surgeon, my father’s a surgeon, his father’s a surgeon.” He proceeds

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