By Lambert Strether of Corrente.

Patient readers, I am finishing up a post on Myanmar, where it appears there’s a slim chance that the good guys may actually win. Who knew? So I must ask you to talk amongst yourselves. Sorry! –lambert

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Contact information for plants: Readers, feel free to contact me at lambert [UNDERSCORE] strether [DOT] corrente [AT] yahoo [DOT] com, to (a) find out how to send me a check if you are allergic to PayPal and (b) to find out how to send me images of plants. Vegetables are fine! Fungi and coral are deemed to be honorary plants! If you want your handle to appear as a credit, please place it at the start of your mail in parentheses: (thus). Otherwise, I will anonymize by using your initials. See the previous Water Cooler (with plant) here. From GQ:

GQ writes: “Water Lilies,

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