Advertisers are sticking with the social media platform, even as the House prepares to vote on a bill to force the company to cut its China ties this week.

TikTok users are lobbying Washington lawmakers to try to derail a bill that could ban the short video app in the U.S.Ore Huiying for The New York TimesAnother round in the TikTok fight

The warnings against TikTok aren’t letting up, with U.S. security officials saying China is using the platform to meddle in elections and lawmakers calling the video app a global threat.

The sharp rhetoric isn’t new, but it raises a question for policymakers and business: Is the new push to force ByteDance, the company’s Chinese owners, to divest a real step change or just political posturing?

The House is barreling toward a vote on Wednesday that would force ByteDance to sell.

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