A heady market rally extended to a second day after Keith Gill, the trader known as Roaring Kitty who rallied small investors to buy out-of-favor stocks in the pandemic, returned to social media.

Wall Street is feeling meme stock déjà vu.

An army of small investors this week have been driving up the price of GameStop, the video game retailer whose enormous 2021 rally led to fame for the stock’s chief social-media savvy booster (Keith Gill, known as Roaring Kitty), a Netflix series and a movie, a congressional hearing, an investigation by securities regulators — and steep losses for those who mistimed the stock’s rapid rise and fall.

GameStop’s stock closed about 60 percent higher on Tuesday, after it gained more than 70 percent on Monday, adding billions in market value. The shares of the movie theater chain AMC Entertainment were similarly buoyant, and obscure cryptocurrencies named after Roaring Kitty and GameStop also

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