Yves here. This story, by what can politely be called a US mouthpiece, illustrates the degree to which China is seen as a strategic competitor and any move that advances their interest, even if arguably mainly economic, is a threat to the West.

By Radio Free Liberty/Radio Liberty staff. Cross posted from OilPrice

China has won the bid to build a deep-sea port in Georgia’s Anaklia, marking the country’s first Chinese-built and operated megaproject on the Black Sea coast. The deal strengthens Tbilisi and Beijing’s growing ties and pushes China’s presence closer to Europe. It also influences the future of the Middle Corridor, a global trade route that Georgia serves as a strategic node.

Georgia announced that a Chinese consortium submitted the sole bid to build a sprawling deep-sea port in Anaklia, marking the first megaproject on the Black Sea coast to be built and operated by

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