Yves here. Attributing Modi’s underperformance in India’s recent elections to having not-great answers to the opposition successfully mobilizing on caste issues makes perfect sense…to outsiders. Can those who know India’s politics comment on whether this analysis is accurate, or too reductivist?

By Priya Chacko, Associate Professor, International Politics, University of Adelaide and Anand Sreekumar, PhD candidate, University of Adelaide. Originally published at The Conversation

This year’s general election in India arguably brought up more questions about the fairness of the electoral process than any other in the country’s history.

For example, in December, a bill was passed in India’s parliament that allowed election commissioners to be appointed by a panel dominated by the executive branch, which many feared would endanger free and fair elections.

And during the campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a string of speeches that were widely seen as Islamophobic, in which he accused the opposition Congress

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