A quick break from book authorship to share a fascinating set of data and charts, via Sam Ro. In his weekly missive, Sam points to some amazing charts from Global Financial Data. They are based on historical data that looks at 200 Years of Market Concentration.

You might be surprised at the findings.

As the chart above shows, stocks experience long periods of time where market concentration is high. These reflect the economic dominance of one specific part of the economy or another for a very long stretch. Dr. Bryan Taylor, Chief Economist at Global Financial Data, breaks these into seven distinct eras over the past 235 years:

1790 to 1840                  The Bank of the United States Dominates

1840 to 1875                  The Rise of the Railroads

1875 to 1929                  The American Commercial Revolution

1929 to 1964                  The First Magnificent Seven

1964 to 1993                  Free Trade Leads to Global Expansion

1993 to 2014                  The Rise of

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