The European Union will impose economic penalties aimed at some shipments of Russian natural gas, hoping to deprive Moscow of income.

The European Union has agreed to a new raft of economic sanctions against Russian individuals and companies, the Belgian government said on Thursday. Notably, they include measures aimed at squeezing Russia’s profits from the sale of liquefied natural gas to E.U. members.

Most E.U. countries stopped importing natural gas that arrived by pipeline from Russia immediately after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. But the bloc had refrained from initiating any formal sanctions against Russian gas imports, leading many E.U. countries to instead buy L.N.G. from Russia, which arrives by ship.

The latest action includes measures targeting imports of Russian L.N.G. that pass through E.U. ports on the way to other countries, known as transshipments, said a senior E.U. diplomat with knowledge of the agreement who spoke on the condition

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