Executives challenged the anti-immigration policies of the far-right candidate Jordan Bardella and spending plans by a left-wing coalition at a packed gathering in Paris.

Both the far-right National Rally party in France and its competing left-wing New Popular Front coalition are promising to save the country from financial ruin.

But French executives gave a chilly reception Thursday to competing economic platforms from the rival parties, warning that both could endanger the French economy and distance France from the European Union.

With less than two weeks before pivotal legislative elections, members of MEDEF, the main employers association in France, held an “audition” for candidates from the main political parties that are vying to seize power from President Emmanuel Macron, whose government has been severely weakened after his party was battered by the far right in European Parliament elections.

Mr. Macron called for snap parliamentary elections, gambling that voters would reject extremes and embrace his centrist

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