I am writing this post on a somewhat bumpy plane ride, so I will try doing it without links.  Most of the relevant sources you can find through perplexity.Ai, or even on MR itself.  Google too.

Overall, I am distressed by the contagion effects when it comes to immigration views.  A large number of people are much more anti-immigration than they used to be, in part because yet others are more anti-immigration.  All sorts of anecdotes circulate.  But let’s look more systematically at what we have learned about immigration in the last ten years or so.  Not all of it should count as pro-immigration, but a lot of it should, with one huge caveat.

When it comes to the wage effects of immigration, there is very modest additional evidence in the positive direction.  I wouldn’t put much weight on that, but it certainly is not pointing in the other direction.

Keep reading this article on Marginal Revolution.

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