France held the first of two rounds of parliamentary elections on Sunday, and its “far right” party won big. I put that in quotes because right-wing parties in Europe can differ from the American far right — the immigrant-scapegoating ethnonationalism is just as ugly, but the economic policies are less hypocritical. I’ll get to that shortly.

Before I go there, however, what are the implications of the strong showing by the National Rally (or R.N., for Rassemblement National) party? As I understand it, it’s still unclear whether the R.N. will gain a majority of seats and if it will be able to form a government, and in general very unclear how France will function given the diminishment of Emmanuel Macron, who will still be president. I’ll leave speculations about such matters to people who are actual experts on French politics — not, I suspect, that they know, either.

Instead, let me be

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