Big tech and fintech companies would certainly like to think so, as too does the City of London Corporation and Starmer’s mentor, Tony Blair. 

As of today, July 5, 2024, the United Kingdom has a new government. As expected, the Labour Party trounced its main rival, the Conservative Party, and will be able to govern the country with what some are calling a “super majority.” Labour managed to win 412 out of 650 parliamentary seats, almost doubling its tally (210) from the 2019 elections. According to Foreign Policy magazine, the party’s leader and new prime minister-elect, Keir Starmer, is likely to become “the social democratic leader with the largest parliamentary majority anywhere on Earth.” This will make it much easier for his government to pass sweeping legislative reforms.

Of course, Starmer does not owe his electoral victory to a groundswell of support for his vision or policy proposals — before the

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