Butterflies Can Make Epic Atlantic Ocean Voyages, Shocking Scientists Science Alert

Scientists re-emerge after a year in Mars simulation project Deutsche Welle


Record-setting heat will continue to torment millions of Americans this weekend CNN

Blazing hot surfaces are a danger for catastrophic burn injuries in Phoenix Copper Courier

Princeton Scientists Develop Passive Mechanism To Cool Buildings in the Summer and Warm Them in the Winter SciTech Daily

How We Solved the Hole in the Ozone Nautilus


The histamine receptor H1 acts as an alternative receptor for SARS-CoV-2 mBio. Commentary:

6) These findings suggest that widely available antihistamine drugs could be a promising treatment option for COVID-19, as they can block a key entry point for the virus.

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New data from the official Spanish health survey. The share of the population that has a chronic illness

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