1. Esther Duflo calls for a new French left (FT).  And South African power generation is improving (FT).

2. Bukele says keep your prices down.  And here is some possible context.  If you read, do read both.  But reading this yet further explanation, I don’t think it is much of a save.

3. DEI chess?

4. Are smarter people more left-wing?  And comment from Garett Jones: “The clearest of the “genetic politics” results here is that people with genes that predict higher IQ are less likely to be politically authoritarian.”

5. Planet K12-18b, yummy.

6. Sorkin interviews Peter Thiel.  That this has become such a normal event  and dialogue shows something significant about how the world is evolving?

7. Canadian yikes.

Keep reading this article on Marginal Revolution.

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