by Calculated Risk on 7/08/2024 08:13:00 AM

Altos reports that active single-family inventory was up 1.1% week-over-week. Inventory is now up 32.1% from the February seasonal bottom, and at the highest level since July 2020.
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This inventory graph is courtesy of Altos Research.

As of July 5th, inventory was at 653 thousand (7-day average), compared to 646 thousand the prior week.   
Inventory is still far below pre-pandemic levels. 
The second graph shows the seasonal pattern for active single-family inventory since 2015.

The red line is for 2024.  The black line is for 2019.  Note that inventory is up 75% from the record low for the same week in 2021, but still well below normal levels.
Inventory was up 40.0% compared to the same week in 2023 (last week it was up 38.4%), and down 31.2% compared to the same week in 2019 (last week it

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