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You got some extra links today because Lambert was not on Water Cooler duty yesterday and the Biden state of play is a rapidly moving target.

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How a citizen scientist is trying to overhaul the American lawn Washington Post (Dr. Kevin)

Classics and Christians in the 12th Century Antigone (Anthony L)

An archeological revolution transforms our image of human freedoms aeon (Anthony L)

Ozempic Linked to Rare Cases of Vision Loss in Harvard Study Bloomberg (furzy). IM Doc has been talking about this for many weeks, and has had a case among his patients, which suggests it is more frequent than “rare”.

Debate: Is bird flu virus in cows adapted to better infect humans? STAT (Dr. Kevin)

Controlling Appetite Before It Starts: Scientists Identify Group of Neurons Linked to Feeling Full ScienceDaily (Chuck L)

Night owl behavior could hurt mental health, sleep

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