To treat the NHS’s ills, Keir Starmer’s government is talking about bringing back Tony Blair’s health secretary, Alan Milburn, who is now in the pay of corporations with interests in the UK’s healthcare sector.

The UK’s new Labour government is only six days old but its grand project to further privatise the National Health Service (NHS) is already up and running. On his first day in office,  “über-Blairite” Health Secretary (and wannabe prime minister) Wes Streeting announced that the NHS was “broken,” which should give his ministry plenty of leeway to inflict further damage while blaming all the resulting chaos and destruction on the last 14 years of Tory government.

By all metrics, the Conservative Party has left the NHS in a state of rack and ruin. One of the largest employers on the planet, the NHS is suffering from crippling staff shortages, dangerously long ambulance waiting times, unprecedented waiting

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