Yves here. Western soi-disant experts, particularly China hawks and Silicon Valley boosters, regularly depict China as a surveillance state. Thus, they contend, reliance on Chinese technology opens all sorts of routes for Chinese snooping. This view is based on strong-form claims of the current degree of government monitoring of average citizens. Yet even Wikipedia has in large measure debunked one of the widely-touted scare stories, surrounding China’s social credit system. And as the story below shows, Israel’s surveillance of Palestinians exceeds anything I have seen claimed about China’s spying on its citizens.

The article stresses what sadly must seem obvious, that Israel is also finding a receptive export market for its monitoring devices.

By Petra Molnar, a lawyer and anthropologist specializing in migration and human rights. Her latest book ‘The Walls Have Eyes’ is a global story of the sharpening of borders through technological experiments, reflecting on 6 years of

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