Stealth Wealth: I’m Just an Ordinary Average Guy

[Editor’s Note: This post originally published on WCI Network partner site Physician on FIRE. I love the idea of stealth wealth. If you were to ask any of my neighbors if Katie and I were millionaires I think 9 out of 10 would have no idea. Sure, they’ve seen a boat parked in my driveway recently, but all the years of having beaters parked there are hard to forget.]

I’ve been publishing a Sunday Best since April of 2016. While I’m certainly not the first to compile and present a weekly collection of posts I’ve enjoyed, the concept has proven to be quite popular. The post is usually well read, and many featured posts get at least a hundred clicks the first day. It’s not Rockstar Finance popular, but it does direct some traffic.

One fringe benefit that I receive is a look at what sort of articles are popular with my readers. In recent weeks, I featured several articles on something called Stealth Wealth from bloggers Financial SamuraiJoshua Kennon, and Justin from Root of Good.

The Stealth Wealth posts were consistently fan favorites. As of this writing, they have been viewed a remarkably similar 272, 274, and 267 times respectively, and have been the most popular featured articles from the last month’s Sunday Best posts. I hear you, readers. You like to read about Stealth Wealth!

Here’s my take.

What is Stealth Wealth?

You’ve heard of the Stealth Bomber — the sleek jet that flies through the skies undetected by radar. Stealth Wealth is like that, but rhymes so much better. It’s wealth that exists but goes

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