My Big Lessons from 2018

These are the major things I’ve learned this year, in no particular order…

Five people who buy into your mission are better than a hundred people who don’t. This applies to clients, to personnel you’re hiring, to partners you’re going into business with, to allies you’re bringing in to a project. There is strength in numbers but there is also weakness. It’s not worth our time to get involved with people who don’t get it, and to put ourselves in a position where we must re-convince the same people of the same things over and over again. Work with the people who get it, and more will get done.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Self-explanatory, but I’ll just add that there were things I’ve asked for this year from various people that I didn’t get, but it’s funny…I can’t point to any particular objections that have stung me. The things I did ask for and got were worth it.

It’s easier to ask for things on someone else’s behalf. I find that I’m much more brazen and willing to take a chance when I am fighting for something to give to someone else. Especially if it’s for family or close friends. All hesitancy falls away.

React slowly. I ran into a few situations where I heard something and then caught myself before pulling the trigger on whatever my reaction was going to be. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding, I told myself, or maybe I don’t have the complete story yet. I can’t remember many situations that occurred this year where

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