Weekend Reading for Financial Planners (Dec 22-23)

Executive Summary

Enjoy the current installment of “weekend reading for financial planners” – this week’s edition kicks off with a fresh look at the rise of T shares and Clean shares, which emerged after the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule as a way to provide less conflicted mutual fund share class options for broker-dealers to make available on their platforms… though with the DoL fiduciary rule being struck down, T shares have vanished almost entirely and Clean shares are primarily surviving in their “semi-bundled” form that still permits at least some revenue-sharing payments to platforms. Though with the explosive growth of truly-no-revenue-sharing Clean shares in fiduciary retirement plans, the potential remains for a Clean shares resurgence amongst individual financial advisors as well… particularly if the regulators re-emerge with a new fiduciary rule in 2019.

From there, we have a number of retirement planning articles this week, including a look at how couples often benefit significantly from a financial perspective by not retiring at the same time (facilitating everything from delayed Social Security for the higher-earning spouse to employer-provided health insurance to bridge the gap from retirement to Medicare at age 65), the factors that drive when couples do (or don’t) retire together, how Baby Boomers are emerging as the “loneliest” generation in retirement (due to lower rates of children and higher rates of divorce) with substantial loneliness-related health complications, and the rise of a new model for promoting social connectedness for seniors called the Villages (started with the Beacon Hill Village in Boston) that encourages “younger” senior citizens in their 50s,

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