Tony Robbins loses role with RIA amid charges of sexual misconduct

Self-help guru Tony Robbins is quickly becoming persona non grata across the financial planning industry following recently reported accusations by nine women of sexual misconduct over several decades.

Overland Park, Kans.- based Creative Planning, which hired Mr. Robbins three years ago as a chief of investor psychology, has severed ties with the 59-year-old author and life coach.

The $38 billion advisory firm, which did not respond to a request for comment, filed an updated form ADV earlier this week stating that it has “eliminated the position of chief of investor psychology, and consequently Anthony Robbins is no longer associated with Creative Planning nor serves on the firm’s advisory board.”

“Hats off to Creative Planning for taking definitive action and separating from Tony Robbins,” said April Rudin, president of financial services marketing firm The Rudin Group.

The accusations against Mr. Robbins, which were first reported by the website BuzzFeed last week and include allegations of sexual misconduct over the past three decades, are examples of the risks of associating with celebrities.

“There are takeaways and lessons that other RIAs can learn about how to take action when something like this happens to their brand,” Ms. Rudin said. “There’s a woman issue here and there’s a brand issue here, and when these things come up it’s important to take swift action.”

Like the #MeToo movement that emerged in 2017 after a string of powerful men were accused of long histories of sexual misconduct, the attention on Mr. Robbins has been gaining momentum, including a new video from the 1980s showing the speaker

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