Our Secret Weapon

I’m going to let you folks in on a little secret right now…

When a multi-million dollar household onboards as a new client of Ritholtz Wealth Management, part of the workflow involves bringing our firm’s CFO Bill Sweet into the conversation so that he can do a tax consultation.

And it’s incredible what happens as a result of these calls. Money is found that the client wasn’t even aware of. Asset location decisions become even more clear than they would have been as a result of doing the financial planning work that we normally do – and asset location is every bit as important as asset allocation when you consider that investors can’t eat pre-tax returns.

Setting up their portfolios in the most tax efficient manner, and finding opportunities to rearrange existing setups that are inefficient, is a huge value-add for wealthy households – especially when it comes to small business ownership, stock options, estate planning, etc. Most accountants don’t speak investment and most advisors aren’t an expert in taxes. Bill Sweet is a tax accountant, a financial advisor and a CFP, a wonderful combination we can bring to bear in service to our clientele. He’s also a combat veteran and a real-life American hero.

Here’s what I said about Bill when he first joined Ritholtz Wealth back in 2016:

Bill was a part of Operation: Iraqi Freedom 1, the initial invasion force that swept Saddam Hussein from power in 2003. After the 3rd Marine Division (3rd ID) swept through, Bill’s armored company was tasked with the clean up and patrol

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