What Drug & Alcohol Addiction Taught Me About Risk & Reward

The following is a guest post by Deanna from MsFiology.com. Deanna is the first to kick off the Financial Samurai Underdog Tour where I highlight people who’ve overcome some sort of difficulty to lead a better life. If you’ve got an underdog story to tell, please sign up in the FS Forum and follow the instructions. I’d like to share more stories from the community going forward.

Recovery from my addiction has been one of my greatest teachers in life. I never dreamt that by falling so hard, I’d find me. Furthermore, by overcoming my addiction, I’ve discovered all of the things which formerly eluded me:

Self-discovery Reconciliation Deeper relationships Faith Growth mindset Peace of mind Financial peace Security Purpose Deanna 2.0 Becoming An Investor

I’m finally an investor now. That gives me excitement to just write those words because that has not always been the case. I found myself deep in the throes of addiction and abuse in my 30’s. That doesn’t just happen to a person; there is always a story behind that.

Fortunately, I hit a hard bottom and was able to get sober and slowly turn my life around. My recovery has been a long and winding road as I needed to get to the root of things and those roots go deep.

As I got healthier, I eventually wanted to take control of my finances. Digging my way out of debt was a whole other journey that taught me –

Grit Perseverance Patience Control Happiness is not in stuff

So, when I learned

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