How I invest my own money

People ask me all the time about how I invest my personal money. I don’t think I’ve ever written about this before, in more than ten years of blogging!

Very simply put, I’m a mixture of active and passive, a mixture of mutual funds, individual securities and ETFs, a mixture of public and private assets. What is consistent is that almost everything I do is with a long-term bias. I don’t day trade or swing trade, because I’m bad at it and I feel as though those activities are a full-time commitment. I don’t want to commit to any investing style that requires my attention all day long because I’m building and running a company. My priority is my firm, my clients and my employees. So when I invest in something, I usually intend to stay invested.

First things first, the bulk of my net worth is in my house, with no mortgage, and we’ve been spending money on remodeling over the last few years – not for any kind of payoff, but because we intend to live there forever. So this is more of a psychic investment than it is a financial one. I love my home and have no intention of selling. We’ve renovated and decorated it for ourselves and our own happiness. If I sold today, there’s no way I’d see a profit over what we’ve put into it. So what.

My other big investment is the thirty-something percent I own of Ritholtz Wealth Management. We did a dilution last year in order to facilitate the first wave

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