Murdoch has seen enough

“cut the shit.” 

Yesterday I tweeted about how difficult it is for an incumbent President to win reelection with an economic slowdown happening in the back half of their first term. It’s basically impossible, regardless of party or whatever else might be going on.

There have been 19 incumbent Presidents since 1900 who have sought a second term. Fourteen of them got it and five lost. Of the five that lost, one was a strange situation in 1912 where Teddy Roosevelt ruined it for incumbent Howard Taft by cutting the party in half. But in the other four cases, it was the economic downturn that doomed Carter, Ford, Hoover and George H.W. Bush. Bush’s case is the most interesting, because the guy actually presided over a wildly popular war that we had won with ease just a year prior. Didn’t help – the S&L Crisis and related recession created an opening for Bill Clinton and Bush became a one-term President.

Rupert Murdoch has made a huge investment in Donald Trump. He’s devoted all of the non-hard news primetime coverage of American politics toward defending President Trump – defending his every gaffe, every impulsive whim, every non sequitur pronouncement, every vile and disgusting act of deliberate cruelty. If you’ve read your Shakespeare, then you remember the part where MacBeth realizes he’s in too far to turn around – “I am in blood Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o’er.” He had killed a lot of people leading up to that. Murdoch may have reached

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