Wednesday links: automated banks

MarketsA review of January 2020 major asset class performance. ( has already one of the worst (and best) quarters for the S&P 500 in history. ( of the S&P 500 stocks are positive year-to-date, not including dividends. ( markets are nothing if not unsettled. ( everyone is talking about gold. ( ($FB) is working hard to convince advertisers to stay on board. ( 400 companies have joined the Facebook ($FB) boycott. ( if Facebook (($FB) can’t be fixed? ( it or not, every company is a media company. ( big fight is brewing between insurers and companies over ‘business interruption’ coverage in pandemic. ( & Bradstreet ($DNB) is once again publicly traded. ( Sam just bought a 29.6% equity stake in trucking company YRC Worldwide ($YRCW). ( stock market has rebounded. Why aren’t more companies going public? ( most over and under-sold benefits of ETFs. ( 2020 saw a surge in hedge fund liquidations. ( said that private payrolls increased by 2.369 million in June. ( ISM manufacturing index indicated expansion in June. ( you can’t read too much into economic indicators in this environment. ( on Abnormal ReturnsPersonal finance links: good reasons to sell. ( you missed in our Tuesday linkfest. ( links: broken strategies. ( up for our weekly adviser-focused e-mail that goes on Fridays. Five links to make you think headed into the weekend. ( mediaRobert Seawright, “Your most dangerous bias is the one you don’t know about.” ( reasons why your decision making is terrible. ( ability to do risk assessment is shaky, at best. (

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