Weekend Reading for Financial Planners (August 1-2)

Executive Summary

Enjoy the current installment of “weekend reading for financial planners” – this week’s edition kicks off with the latest on the HEALS Act, the proposed legislation from Senate Republicans that may become the 5th economic stimulus bill in response to the coronavirus pandemic but is currently still mired in debate, not only between Republicans and Democrats, but also within the Republican party, and raising questions of how quickly the trillion-dollar stimulus will actually get passed and what form it will end out taking.

Also in the news this week was an announcement by the Democrats of their official “Party Platform” should they take leadership in Washington, which for financial advisors includes a notable provision of lifting the standards for all financial advisors, effectively signaling that if the Democrats win in November, there may be a new movement in 2021 to replace Regulation Best Interest and/or the Department of Labor’s proposed Reg-BI-coordinating changes and implement a more full-force fiduciary obligation for all investment advisers and broker-dealers.

From there, we have a number of articles about referral marketing, including the recognition that so few consumers are unhappy with their advisors that just waiting for prospects to ask an existing client “Do you know a good advisor?” (in the hopes of being referred by your client in the moment) probably isn’t enough to drive referrals, how even great advisors fail to get referrals because they’re not specific enough about the problems they solve, why advisors also often fail to get referrals because existing clients don’t know who to watch for that would be

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