Thursday links: being on the mend

VaccinesEveryone is waiting on the arrival of a coronavirus vaccine. ( may be time to reset expectations on a coronavirus vaccine. ( is in line to be one of the first Western countries to roll out a vaccine. ( calling a bubble in real time is so difficult. ( turn for value is coming, the problem is the timing. ( notes from John Brook’s classic book “Once in Golconda: A True Drama of Wall Street 1929-1938.” ( rising competition Netflix ($NFLX) is still the leader in streaming video. ( Netflix ($NFLX) is investing more in Anime content. ( there any way to measure the cultural impact of streaming, i.e. Netflix ($NFLX), movies? (’s Covid recession has created a big swath of unemployment among the youngest workers. ( the economy’s performance, why isn’t the Yuan stronger? ( new coronavirus variant is spreading across Europe. ( wants to test everyone in the country, twice. ( has gone 200 days without a local, positive Covid test. ( and statesCities and states are facing huge budget deficits. ( Benz and Jeff Ptak talk all things municipal finance with Peter Hayes of Blackrock. ( so many state pension funds are underfunded. ( real GDP is currently off 3.5% from the previous peak. ( jobs situation is slowly improving. ( you have to take pandemic economic statistics with a big grain of salt. ( on Abnormal ReturnsLongform links: changing the channel. ( something new is hard, staying with it even harder. ( you missed in our Wednesday linkfest. ( finance links: cultivating connections. (, thanks for

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