Personal finance links: knowing your finances

How I Invest My MoneySurprising lessons learned from financial advisors from “How I Invest My Money.” ( learned from putting the new book “How I Invest My Money” together. ( you should focus on optionality when it comes to planning your financial life. ( to get yourself unstuck when you have a big wad of cash to invest. ( job as an investor is not to beat the market. ( planningFinancial planning is an exercise in being able to absorb ‘future shocks.’ ( you should ask of your next financial adviser. ( you a good financial role model? ( should you invest the money you have saved for a major purchase. ( key to saving money is increasing your savings rate over time. ( things you can do to save/make money without taking on more risk. ( is important in retirement for many, but it does have tax implications. ( to do if you get a notice from the IRS. (, after 2020, you should look to automate your RMDs. ( house transaction process is becoming increasingly digital. ( it makes sense to walk away from a deal even if you lose money in the process. ( finance Ten things the pandemic will change about aging including an increased desire to stay in your home. ( assumptions we shouldn’t make about ourselves or others. ( financial tips for newly married couples. ( things that make money meaningful. (

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