Personal finance links: spending money vs. time

PodcastsMichael and Ben talk about how to think about some of those first, big financial life decisions in your life. ( Faber talks with Adam Moelis, co-founder and CEO of Yotta Savings, about how to help Americans save more. ( to spend your money to maximize your happiness including “Spend on others.” ( inflation is real especially for new entrants to the workforce. ( you live subconsciously affects how you spend. ( market timing matters a lot less if you do this one thing. ( good entry in the ‘How I invest my money’ literature. ( vast majority of people have no interest in the mechanics of investing. ( new financial tools can be abused, including fractional shares. ( savingsThe CARES Act opened up the option of getting at retirement accounts but relatively few Americans have done it. ( automatic retirement savings programs are easy for small business owners to navigate. ( you are a gig worker you need to approach retirement planning from a different angle. ( of the most important personal finance laws to live by including: “Automate everything.” ( ways to stop wasting time including “Search less.” ( financial truths for Millennials including “Make a financial plan early.” ( finance2020 is not a typical year-end: some money things to keep in mind. (’t let comparisons to others knock you off your own financial goals. ( lessons on paying for college including not all loans are created equal. ( California homeowners need to know about the impact of Prop 19. (’t buy a second house for anything other

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