Sunday links: the great reflation

MarketsThree big themes for the rest of the year including a mutating virus. ( didn’t the financial markets react more to political violence? ( to invest in a bubble. ( Miller, “Successful investors are realists not ideologues.” ( nice review for Joachim Klement’s book “Seven Mistakes Every Investor Makes (And How to Avoid Them).” ( government of Iran is blaming Bitcoin miners for electrical blackouts. ( ($AAPL) has finally decided to get into the premium podcast business. ( has purchased e-book company Glose. ( about content moderation are going to spread from Twitter ($TWTR) and Facebook ($FB). ( Radio is opening up it archive and produce new shows. ( who ordered Peleton ($PTON) bikes are disappointed with extended delivery times. ( Joe Biden can’t bring his Peleton ($PTON) bike to the White House. ( ($SNAP) is paying content creators big bucks to compete with TikTok. ( app provider Bumble has filed to go public. ( the first time ever DuckDuckGo had 100 million daily searches. (’s reputation, at age 20, has never been higher. ( editors are fighting over what to call what happened on January 6th. ( Ritholtz, “If a private company has bad actors on its platform hurting its business or reputation, they are free to de-platform them.” ( the case that companies shouldn’t donate to any political candidate or party. ( a jump in the national minimum wage is on the table. ( ethical norms were violated in the past four years. Why they may need to be codified into law. ( we need rank-ordered voting. (

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