Personal finance links: accepting your flaws

TaxesWhy the IRS pushed back the tax filing season. ( to file taxes if you worked remotely in 2020. ( stuffAn estate plan is much more than a handful of documents. ( you need to know before lending money to family members. ( aren’t just for financial matters these days. ( praise of doing as little as possible with your investments. ( the effects of the worst market timing get washed out over time. ( to minimized regret when making investment decisions including focusing on process not outcomes. ( returns are all that matter. ( coaching isn’t about the elimination of emotion. ( is a superpower. ( personal finance lessons learned from pandemic including ‘You need a will.’ ( lessons learned from Ben Carlson’s new book “Everything You Need to Know About Saving for Retirement.” ( financeWhy everyone needs to find what works for them financially. ( is useful up and to a point. After that it can become toxic. ( pandemic has made retirement insecurity worse for Americans. ( many being a landlord looks better on paper than in practice. (

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