Wednesday links: shooting for the moon

MarketsWant to know how stocks will do? Watch profit margins. ( 10-year breakeven inflation rate has stopped going up, for now. ( ten biggest mistakes fund investors make including ‘Seeking smooth returns.’ ( can’t understand AMC ($AMC) by looking at the fundamentals. (’s ($COIN) pro platform now includes Dogecoin. ( Argentina is a hotspot for Bitcoin mining. ( companies ‘fail to metabolize new information.’ ( ($ETSY) is buying fashion resale app Depop. ( Real Estate is investing in Mynd to help buy more single-family homes for rent. ( do not regret their pandemic moves. ( now provide ‘climate risk scores’ for homes. ( near-zero yield U.S. money market funds are inundated with cash. ( some numbers to the growing piles of liquidity. ( world’s central bankers seem to be on different pages when it comes to inflation. ( home prices are soaring. ( post-pandemic economy is undergoing a ‘great reset.’

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