5 Ways to Retire with $5 Million by Age 55

[Editor’s Note: Today’s WCI Network post is from Physician on Fire. I love that it talks about multiple pathways to “Dublin”. I’ve written a similar post here: Three Pathways to Wealth but POF has one-upped me (two-upped me?) with this post.]

Here at Physician on FIRE, I like to help people figure out how they can set themselves up to not only retire early, but to also retire well. $5 Million dollars should do the trick.

According to DYQDJ, that would put you at about the 98th percentile in terms of U.S. net worth (primary home equity excluded). That’s definitely fatFIRE.

How does age 55 sound? Yes, there are people out there who have retired by 45, 35, and younger, but you do need some time to amass that big nest egg.

A 55-year old can expect to live an average of 26 (male) to 29 (female) more

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