Da Bear's Perspectives: Will High Rates of Inflation Return?


Da Bear’s Perspectives

By Ron A. Rhoades, JD, CFP®

Associate Professor of Finance, Gordon Ford College of Business

Director, Personal Financial Planning Program, Western Kentucky University

Financial Advisor and Content Specialist, ARGI Investment Services, LLC

To contact Ron, please email: bear@argi.net.


Will High Rates of Inflation Return?

As I traveled over the past two months visiting colleagues and clients across the eastern United States, it was indeed a pleasure to get out. And I had a greater appreciation for the small things – the laughter of children, the smiles on the faces of often-overworked servers, and greetings of hotel desk clerks. My biggest takeaway – it sure was nice to get out and connect with other people again!

“Da Bear’s Perspective” is a new publication designed to offer insights into both current topics of interest to investors, as well as insights into obtaining the most out of life.

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