If You Want To Naturally Be Nicer, Get Richer: A Surprise Apology Letter

They say money can’t buy happiness. But what if having money can make you less stressed, less jealous, less combative, less anxious, and more joyful? Then surely having more money can at least make you nicer right? I think so.

My first realization with this correlation between niceness and wealth occurred at the end of 2015 when I wrote, Once You Have F You Money, It’s Hard To Tell Others To F Off!

Ever since I began working on Wall Street in 1999, the term, “f*ck you money” has been thrown around.

Here’s a conversation example:

“Did you hear about Tommy? He just made Managing Director. Now he’s really got some f*ck you money!”

“Nah, he ain’t making f*ck you money until he makes Partner MD at Goldman. That’s when he’ll get the real money through profit sharing.”

Hard To Tell Others To Screw Off Once You

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