The Best Time To Own The Nicest House You Can Afford

If there’s one thing I love, it’s living in a nice house. Nowadays, I spend between 18 – 20 hours at home on average. Robbers beware! Therefore, it’s only logical to own the nicest house I can comfortably afford.

For those who went from being outside the house for 12 hours a day to now working from home and not having to commute, the desire to live in a nicer house has likely also gone up. I’m assuming millions of people started to feel this way since the pandemic began.

My wife and I have been living the majority of our hours at home since we left our day jobs years ago. Spending more time at home is why I wanted to buy a house with an ocean view and build a big deck in 2014. Mai Tai’s while feeling the sea breeze during sunset, check!


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