By Dr. James M. Dahle, WCI Founder

By Dan Miller, WCI Contributor

In general, you should self-insure whenever possible and then insure really well against the financial catastrophes out there. Your refrigerator dying or your iPhone being lost are not financial catastrophes. Before we discuss umbrella insurance for physicians, you should know there are only a handful of financial catastrophes that you need to be insured against:

Death Disability Illness or injury Destruction of expensive property Occupation-related liability (malpractice) Non-occupation-related liability

All of these are easily insured against. We’ve discussed life insurance to protect against the financial consequences of death. The White Coat Invest has posted plenty of articles on disability insurance. You, more than most people, know the importance of health insurance to help out with the sometimes incredibly high costs of medical care. You likely carry plenty of insurance to replace your house, expensive cars,

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