Our guest today on The White Coat investor podcast is John Shufeldt. He is an emergency physician, but that’s not why we brought him on. Granted, I do like emergency physicians—they hold a special place in my heart for obvious reasons—but he is coming on the podcast today because he has a pretty remarkable career in entrepreneurship. Dr. Shufeldt talks to us about physicians being entrepreneurs and the life cycle of starting up a business. He walks through how to scale, mistakes he made over the years, raising money, selling your business, and so much more.

Listen to Episode #281 here.

In This Show:

Dr. Shufeldt’s Upbringing and Education Experience 

Before we get into the real reason we have you on here, I want people to get to know you a little bit better. Let’s start at the beginning. Tell us about your upbringing and what

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