By Alaina Trivax, WCI Columnist

Recently, someone actually asked me, “When are you going to buy your doctor’s mansion?” I was pretty taken aback by the inquiry. I thought asking about personal finances (and someone’s home-buying ability!) was like commenting about age or weight—something generally considered taboo. 

My husband, Brandon, a private practice PM&R physician, and I are nearly three years into the post-training life. We live with our two young boys and dog in southeast Michigan, and I teach at a local middle school. Let’s be honest: teachers are not typically asked when we can afford to buy ourselves a mansion. My husband and I are pretty on top of our finances—we stick to a budget each month, and we are working to pay down his medical school loans. Almost a year ago now, we finally reached a positive net worth, a big deal considering our initial $330,000+

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