By Dr. Rajat Bhatt, Guest Writer

I have been a regular follower of The White Coat Investor blog for several years. Over this time, I have built my portfolio nest egg and gained valuable wisdom. As I have aged, my investing goals have changed. As physicians, we owe a responsibility to the environment, and we should set a good example of environmental stewardship for our patients and children.

Physicians have a significant role in shaping societal thinking, and they are role models. We should promote sustainable consumption by educating our patients about their impacts on the environment as well.

We should encourage the three words:

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Take a moment to reflect on your activities over this past year. How many luxuries did you indulge in—driving opulent EVs oblivious to the coal power source for electricity, taking extravagant cruises that pollute fragile ecosystems,

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