[Editor’s Note: Here’s an update on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (and this one is NOT an April Fools’ Joke like Monday’s post): PSLF certifications have been paused from May 2024 to July 2024. This should not affect people getting PSLF but rather just when they get notice that their student loans have been forgiven.]

By Dr. Jim Dahle, WCI Founder

I’ve written numerous times about the concept of a safe withdrawal rate (SWR), including these posts:

However, the silliness of it all continues, and today I’m going to rant like never before on this topic in the hopes of realigning how people think about this concept.

What Is a Safe Withdrawal Rate?

The concept of a safe withdrawal rate is that a retiree can withdraw a certain amount of the portfolio value at retirement each year (usually indexed to inflation) with little risk of running out of

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