By Anonymous Hospitalist and White Coat Reader, Guest Writer

Rage. Shirt-rending, wall-punching, swear-inducing tears of bitter rage is what I felt as the EMR crashed for the fourth time as I tried to complete my fifth admission in the past two hours. If you have ever experienced similar soul-crushing emotions, you have first-hand knowledge of what burnout feels like. My own experience as a physician has ranged from inexpressible joy to the aforementioned tears of bitter rage. As WCI Founder Dr. Jim Dahle has commented on more than one occasion, the biggest threat to your financial well-being is not being able to continue practicing medicine.

This is a post about one such threat.

Absolute Anger with My Job

I am a traveling hospitalist for a multi-state group. Overall, I have enjoyed this position. I have worked at several hospitals in different states, and while the downsides of traveling are

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