In 2007, I had a dream of taking my future family on a ski vacation. I was an avid snowboarder and my wife enjoyed the tranquility of Lake Tahoe. After receiving a good bonus, I bought a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo at Everline Resort in Palisades.

Our son came ten years later, but we didn’t go on a legitimate family ski vacation until Spring 2024. In other words, we could have saved our money for 17 years by just renting or buying a smaller place.

Oh well, maybe in the next life. Owning a vacation property was a suboptimal financial decision. Please learn my lesson so you can save money.

The Decision to Finally Shell Out for Ski Lessons

As someone who’s clocked countless hours teaching my kids how to swim and bike, I also wanted to teach my kids how to ski. There’s something immensely gratifying about

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