By Dr. Dan Fosselman, Guest Writer

There are multiple rules of thumb in personal finance. Set aside 15%-25% for savings, don’t spend more than 30% on housing, tithe 10%. John Maxwell, an author and speaker, also espouses the principle that 10% of your work week (four hours out of 40) should be charitable deeds. In the spirit of rules of thumb, it’s also reasonable that 3%-5% of your money should be invested in your own personal development.

Prioritizing Personal Development

Personal development is simply the ability to look inward and find ways to better yourself. This may lead to starting a side hustle, reducing your burnout, and improving career longevity, but the most important reason to do this is to continue to find passion in your work and your life. Personal development is about challenging yourself on a consistent basis and seeking new perspectives. It allows you to test

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