Today, we answer your questions about rolling over an HSA, when to withdraw from your HSA, whether a UTMA or custodial Roth IRA is better for your kids, if it is a good idea to open a solo 401(k) for your kids, how to maximize your 403(b) contributions, and how to mimic a US stock market index fund if your 403(b) doesn’t offer that.

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High Deductible Health Insurance and Health Savings Accounts

“Hi, Dr. Dahle. My name is Max, and I’m an otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon from Chicago. I’ve been listening to your podcast since 2020, and my questions today are about Health Savings Accounts. I’ve been maxing out my Health Savings Account since 2020 as an individual each year. Most recently in 2023, after getting married and with my wife now on my health insurance, I switched my contribution to

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