Today, we are answering your questions about retirement accounts. We start out by addressing the recent change with Vanguard getting out of the solo 401(k) game. Then, we talk about whether you can contribute to both a solo 401(k) and the TSP if you are in the military, 401(k) employer matching, concerns around losing a non-governmental 457(b), what to do with an inherited IRA, and converting from pretax to Roth.

In This Show:

401(k) Matching When You Leave Your Employer

“Thank you, Dr. Dahle, for everything that you do. I’m a current fellow. I have a question about 401(k) matching. My question is, if you leave your employer and lose your 401(k) matching funds because you haven’t vested, do you lose out on any gains that those matching funds may have made while you were there? For example, if last year I received a total

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