By Genhee So, WCI Columnist

I proudly held the bright yellow cardboard pieces in my chubby 5-year-old fingers. It was hard work to earn these “coins” that I was grasping so tightly—painstakingly acquired by tidying up toys and playing nicely with classmates. In a kindergarten classroom, these perfectly round canary-colored cardboard discs were currency dished out by our teacher for good behavior with the promise of a “toy of our choice!” once we had enough in the bank. Flush in funds, I stared intently at the lineup of colorful gadgets, squirming in anticipation before finally claiming my newest shiny acquisition.

It seems humorous, now, as a seasoned radiologist with 17 years in the field, reflecting on that moment only to realize that I received more formal finance education in kindergarten than I did throughout my three years at McMaster Medical School in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Classroom discussions on money

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