By Travis Christy, White Coat Insurance

Take a trip back in time to right before your 16th birthday. If you were like me, the anticipation and the freedom of driving were at the forefront of my mind. It was three weeks before my 16th birthday—a cold Wednesday on February 5, 1992. The smells of wood-burning stoves lingered in the air mixed with the crisp scent of winter in our small southern Utah town of Panguitch. I remember that day vividly, minute by minute—going to school, driving in the driver’s ed car. I even remember the names of everyone I was with that day.

The leafless trees lined the banks of the river, and the little snow that graced the ground reflected the fading light as darkness descended early—typical of this time of year. My father, a veterinarian, often returned home late from his rounds, but that night, it was

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